Ukrainian beauty on GM

Yeah, summer! A wonderful time of year, sun and heat are around us, our senses and instincts are at the peak, and we go to the beautiful city, the capital of Ukraine - Kiev, in search of the most beautiful, sexy and tender girls of eastern Europe. Ukraine is famous for its stunning beauty, we introduce you to two new models, tender and sensual young Alisa and the hot and sexy Karina, both will give you an unforgettable experience.

Sveta Vnukova will bring us joy again

Sveta Vnukova with us again! It's hard to believe, but she came back to shoot. This time we are shooting on the wonderful island of Koh Samui. Sveta and our professional production team have created some amazing and sexy images you will not want to miss! Sveta is excited to share her love with her old fans and new fans alike! Fans can expect photos and video! Your wait is over... sexy kitten Sveta is BACK!

And as you know, Tanya and Sveta are friends, and you will find a little surprise for you with love from this modeling duo.

Censored Bangkok

We starting our travelling with Tanya George dancing on the roof top pool on wonderful sunset in Bangkok

Censored Bangkok from George Magazine on Vimeo.



I want to say a few words to all my faithful customers, supporting me for many years. You’re part of my project, and you are part of my world. I only wish I could thank you personally. 

With love, Tanya

A Message from Tanya



Hello again my friends and fans!
As you have no doubt noticed George Magazine stopped updating. I am happy to announce updates are resuming!
But first we need to have a serious chat.
The piracy and sharing has to stop. I am not running a charity. This is a business, and I am not in the business of giving away my work for free. Because some of you unlawfully and hurtfully shared photos that directly effected the sales of the website, I shut down updates.
Let me stop here and thank all of my fans. I know that there are dedicated and honest fans, new and old, some of them have been with me for almost ten years. I work for these fans. I know their names. I love them and they love me, I can feel it. They give me support, incentive and desire to work. And I know that because of the pirates they also suffer!
The pirates have taken away any desire and effort to be creative. Without that "desire", I do not want to work.
If sharing continues as before I will shut down the website to the public. Only verified customers who pay much more per set will have access. Each set will be individually watermarked and tailored to the customer removing any chance of sharing. This action would cost a lot of time and effort, which means a sharp increase in price.
All of this can be avoided if you just keep the photos to yourself. Remember that I am not just sharing a part of my life with you, but also running a business. And... if you give my inventory away for free I might as well shut the doors.

Most Sincerely, Tanya

Welcome to Julia

Hello everybody! We have prepared a surprise for you! We have a new star Julia she is young and very cute! We are very pleased that she is now in our team and we hope that you are as excited as we are. Enjoy!

Welcome to Julia from George Magazine on Vimeo.

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There are only a few days left till Christmas! And I also have a gift for you!

On December 25th, 26th and 27th you get a second set FREE. Christmas Promotion Timer Launched! Happy Christmas, my dear!

With love, Tanya.

We are celebrating 100 sets

We are celebrating 100 sets with Tanya on

Our 100th set has a surprise for you! A friend joins Tanya for strawberries and whipped cream!

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Happy birthday GM



In the new year we plan to update and improve the site. You will also see new locations and of course NEW, beautiful, young models!

To thank you for your love and support we have prepared a nice bonus for you.  From June 1 to June 7, when you buy any set, you get a second set FREE!

Stay with us!

 Loyally, your Tanya.

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With love, Tanya.

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And I have prepared surprises for you!

In honor of the 4th anniversary of GM, we will launch our traditional "1 + 1" promotion for 4 weeks! (one set you buy the second you choose as a gift) You will definitely have time to fill up your collection!

Published the most anticipated photoset in the history of GM! And the MAIN NEWS is that you have the opportunity to get it and other GM sets absolutely free!

More information about prizes and contest rules at instagram @tanyageorge

With love, Tanya.